Обложка альбома 1Touch1Touch Alexander Bogdanov Kaluga, Russia 1Touch - a creative alias of the musician from Kaluga Bogdanov Alexander. It's creativity have affected Depeche Mode, ATB, Coldplay and others.Support from world DJs has begun after remix release on Sound Quelle (LiftedSounds). Paul van Dyk in the weekly radio show Vonic Session which is broadcast on more than 20 radio stations of the world, has three times won back a remix and it has opened one of releases (Paul van Dyk - Vonyc Sessions 218). Also, Paul has included it in the Special Mix. The same remix the veteran of the Russian electronic scene Vladimir Fonarev (DJ Fonarev). It is possible to find Alexander's remix In last release of year (Fonarev - Digital Emotions # 121 / the Best Russian tracks for 2010). The first track under name Tahion has been signed on label Deep Blue Eyes which owners are Magnetic Brothers. Product under alias Atemnia was included into the compilation constituted by project ID49. In a current of 3 years the set of informal remixes on such projects, as has been written: Filo and Peri, Coldplay, NаtLife, Poonyk and Oxide and many others.